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Sell My aircraft

Take advantage of our good relationships with trusted clients, exclusive global business insight, and flexible solutions that include direct inventory sales. Not only does our team provide you with the resources you need to sell, but they also establish a customized sales plan focused on your aircraft and individual goals.


Customer Outreach / Information Broadcast

We contact customers who are interested in purchasing the specific model of aircraft given to us to sell. We publish classifieds using our own customer database on aviation blogs, listing sites, aviation media and send periodic mailings to give you maximum exposure.


Buyer Identification

After our team of professionals has found the potential list of buyers, it’s time to identify the customer who best fits the purpose. We treat customer inquiries thoroughly while respecting the time of both parties.


Showcasing the Aircraft

The entire inspection and test flight process are organized. By agreement with all sides, we are capable of doing it everywhere. We provide a professional demonstration of the aircraft to the customer including detailing and aircraft maintenance.


For details on our full safety and due diligence process, please visit our security page, here.


As deals are negotiated and assessed for financial feasibility, continuous contact between buyer and seller is crucial. We administer your terms of sale and payment, simplifying the process as we handle all of the necessary closing paperwork.

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