Perks of Private Flying


Save your precious time

Private Jets can fly directly to any location, giving a point to point connectivity and avoiding the delay and stress of taking connecting flights.

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Fly on your terms

Free yourself from the rigid airport schedules. Arrange a flight schedule that best suits your requirements; let the aircraft wait, instead of you waiting for the aircraft. Private planes can even accommodate last-minute or mid-flight changes if necessary.

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Enjoy five star luxury

The entire private flying experience has just one objective – to offer best in class experience, be it the service, the food that is served or the entertainment options, that are personalized to match your tastes. The experience is unmatched and is miles ahead to what is offered to preferred passengers in commercial airlines.

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Enjoy your Anonymity

Private flying respects the privacy of its travelers. Your travel schedule stays confidential and is revealed to relevant authorities at the last minute. You have the flexibility to choose with whom you travel, to discuss confidential matters, without being bothered.

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Avoid airport hassles

Arrive at the airport minutes, not hours, in advance, before the flight and get escorted in a chauffeur-driven car to the aircraft that is waiting just for you, at the exact time that you want to fly.

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Increase your Productivity!

With private flying, there is no wasted moment! Private planes can take off and land at any small airport, making your journey faster and comfortable

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