• LearJet 45
LearJet 45

The Learjet 45 is a light jet. Designed to fly faster, higher and farther with more guests and range flexibility, this jet offers the longest cabin and more seated head-, shoulder- and legroom than its competitors. The Learjet 45 can fly 2,099 miles nonstop and can cruise at 465 mph. . The interior of the Learjet 45 is designed to offer the most usable passenger space possible so that the passengers do not feel claustrophobic. The Learjet 45 is an extremely reliable jet with great cruise performance and fuel economy. Its innovative systems and efficient performance make it a viable option for anyone in search of a high-performing, cost-effective private jet. Built to execute short trip and short runways, these jets are fast flying solution that offers increased access and economical benefits The Learjet 45’s cabin holds eight seats with plenty of room to swivel, recline, and track. Other fine points of the cabin’s design make it functional and comfortable, from work tables that fold down from the walls to an extra pressure relief port on the door for added passenger safety. The noise level in the cabin never exceeds 72 dB, and a two-zone temperature control system ensures that both the cabin and the cockpit are kept comfortable. An external compartment provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space with an additional 15 cubic feet of storage in the interior.

Light Jet
9 Seater
15 Baggage